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Relationships are currency: we are constantly trading value in the form of ideas, which circulate and expand as they are shared.

Laugh and learn about life and love with these curious conversations with cosmic commune-ity.

COSMIC TEA: How Astrology Saves Lives and Cunx You Up Are you ready for the perfect storm? Meet mizChartreuse the AstroFLOTUS and Monique SisterMoon the AstroHeauX, your sacredly profane stargazing sisters in this first episode of Cosmic Tea.

mizChartreuse the AstroFLOTUS is joined by her POTUS and Gemini Sun / Capricorn Moon / Leo Rising astrotwin, Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos to present The Gemini Relationship Workout Plan for Cultivating Conscious Connections. The actionable strategy from your Mirrors of Mercurial Miracles? Disciple + Discipline + Discernment.

You ask, the First Lady of Astrology answers! In the premiere episode of #AskTheAstroFLOTUS, I answer a reader question: "How do I successfully be a spouse to a Gemini?" This is a loaded subject matter, so I brought in my Gemini Twinstar Sunny SunRai to help me answer the question.