“I am filled with such personal power because you have opened the door of ME to MYSELF.”
— Jennifer L., Chicago

testimonials of gratitude, Love and miracles abound.


Chartreuse, thank you so much for who you are and what you do! Your work is soo important because, you give people a sense of POWER! I am finally able to articulate this. Your listening and interpretation and decoding of the starsystem we are a part of brings such insight into a persons life. I am filled with such personal power because you have opened the door of ME to MYSELF. I can, with tools you have provided, learn to embrace and understand all of the aspects of who I am because I have an idea of what I am comprised of and how I'm put together. So I can win in power or lose in power. That is huge. I can look at phases of my life as purposeful because my trajectory through space and time can be tracked. I am not just floating through space but flying through different moments in time with the stars as my guide. You have helped me SEE what I thought I knew was there. I am deeply grateful.

— Jennifer L.

The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook! You woke me up to the power of my Yoni. I never would have even looked at myself in a sacred way without you. 

Now I am so so so deeply involved in the power of the womb, and all the bliss that comes with it and I just want to take that farther too. 

— Katie T

The problems women have that are hurting so badly inside.. YOU (quadruple underline YOU) can SINCERELY help them….actually SAVE their lives. You would actually save their lives. Save their hearts…save them from the pain. That is how powerful you are. Look at that book you wrote. Most women don’t know anything about that…they just know that: They don’t feel beautiful. They can’t get a man. They feel like everyone is depending on them so they get more alpha. They are lonely and tired. They are ashamed of their bodies…afraid to be naked. They have never had an orgasm. You are like THE perfect example of goddess. Chartreuse! Women want who you are….and what you can awaken in them.

— Monica Y.

I’ve actually been following you for a very long time now - since you had just given birth to Eleven (who is absolutely beautiful) and you and your partner were living in the islands. I was mesmerized by your work then, and still am, and really appreciated the heart and spirit that you put into your service. I actually by chance came across an astrology article you wrote a few years ago which led me to your business website and your insta and was elated to find you, and to see the woman you had moulded yourself into as the years passed! I know I don’t know you but it warmed my heart to see your progress. You really give me hope that I can flow with this Venus aspect and all its challenges and continue to find my grace. Thank you deeply for your kind words, and for sharing your experience. Keep on keeping on Chartreuse. You are impacting lives on so many levels! 💖

— ThE Rising of Mother