Venus Talks: Transformational LOVE Session (60 mins)

Venus Talks: Transformational LOVE Session (60 mins)


Let’s have a transformation conversation
about love + your life.

In this 60-minute one-on-one discovery session, we start by looking at your Venusian love function + make it practical as we explore how it occurs in your relationships on the court of your life.

I help you to gain absolute clarity on how past experiences are impacting you. I coach you through exactly what you need to discover so you can develop emotionally satisfying relationships, heal from past trauma, and profoundly amplify your intuition. Realize your life’s mission.

60-minute session with mizChartreuse.

Sessions take place over the phone via a secure, private conference call line and are recorded so you can listen over the phone, online, and/or download the conversation directly to your computer.

After completing your order, you will receive an email link to the Venus Academy booking calendar and may select your call time to receive the conference line phone number.

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