The monthly Miracles Mastermind virtual classroom brings the universal cosmic themes from the heavens down onto the court of your life. 

It is through implementing structures, looking at our lives, and listening + sharing with others that we take the skills we practice within the mastermind out into our own worlds with the people in our lives. 

Your training within the academy produces extraordinary results in all areas of life, such as with our friends, family, lovers, career, our connection to Spirit, and how we value ourselves at all times.


Mastermind Monthly Structure

Week 1

Week 1: The Mastermind Circle Up LIVE video chat, where all members are invited to gather on Zoom. 

I set the intention for the circle and share the syllabus themes of the month, then each woman has an opportunity to share what is going on in their lives that is relevant to the cosmic curriculum.

Sharing is optional, and you can state if you’re open for feedback from others, or if you just want to share what’s there without any added input. I will always provide the primary coaching.

Lifework (not homework!) practices/exercises for the week are assigned.

Week 2

1 podcast from Char + meditation audio 

Lifework Assignments

Week 3

1 video Livestream broadcast + Q&A chatroom with a high-profile guest expert teacher

Lifework Assignments

Week 4

1 pre-recorded video seminar from Char on the cosmic weather/astrological transits for the upcoming month and how to work with it powerfully in your life

Lifework Assignment