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The Venus Academy Inner Circle with mizChartreuse is a creative container where maximal soul growth, self-expression and power, and extending + receiving love is the outcome.

Welcome to your life!

There’s no turning back. ;)

Gemini Sun, Capricorn moon, Leo rising, Cancer Venus

Gemini Sun, Capricorn moon, Leo rising, Cancer Venus


Let’s have a conversation.

We may speak the same language, but are we actually communicating?

How is the quality of your interpersonal relationships?

Have you ever wondered how to set boundaries with friends and acquaintances, or how to say NO without feeling guilty?

Do you have trouble speaking your truth to a parent or elder relative? Was your mother emotionally absent? Did your father emphasize your accomplishments instead of cherishing you for who you are, and not what you can do?

How do you handle aggressive authority figures, bitchy bosses, or problematic coworkers?

Were you a parentified child who was robbed of their youthful freedom and forced into responsibility way too early?

Have you ever connected with a man who was enthusiastic at first, but then went cold, particularly after being intimate? How can you be self-expressed when he won’t respond to your texts?

How do you deal with a meddling mother-in-law, or the friend who is decades older than you but seems to rely on you for all their emotional needs?

Are you having trouble getting through to your teenager, or being patient with your toddler?

Are you a empathic but alpha feminine woman who constantly finds herself attracting beta men, narcissistic abusers, or ends up inadvertently playing the masculine role in your partnerships?

Powerful communication is your golden ticket to freedom.

When it comes to interpersonal relationships of all kinds, communication is your power, but it can be one of the most challenging things in the world.

Anything that is considered a skill requires practice, and communication is absolutely a skill set which needs conscious cultivation, otherwise you’re tawkin’ just to tawk.

Without practical guidance on how to powerfully deal with upsets and move through pain points in relationships, it’s very easy for wires to get crossed.

But never fear: I will tell you EXACTLY what to do to transform your communication skills to make those connections, get into another’s world, share yourself authentically, and deepen the intimacy in any relationship.

…let the choir sing… (testimonials)

welcome to
Gemini SZN 2019:
Powerful Communication

Gemini season, ruled by messenger planet Mercury, is all about communication, partnership, playfulness, personal power, freedom, and creative self-expression.

And I, mizChartreuse, your Venus Academy headMIZtress, have a natal Gemini Sun + Mercury…so this is absolutely my domain, and you are in very good hands.

The Venus Academy’s Gemini SZN 2019 Inner Circle curriculum will give you the tools and structures to create breakthroughs in communication with the people in your world…not by “doing more,” “trying harder,” or “figuring it out,” but by making a fundamental shift in your way of BEing.

My life is proof that this is possible.

Join mizChartreuse’s
Inner Circle

You are the Light of the world.

You are entitled to miracles.

You create your life by declaring who you are.

When you apply to enroll in The Venus Academy Inner Circle monthly membership program, you enter a powerful portal of transformation.

You will receive miraculous mind-training, Lifework assignments with actionable strategies, astrological guidance based on the season, with optional ongoing coaching with yours truly…as well as the support, community, and reflections of the other miracle-workers who have been approved to join the Inner Circle.

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Inner Circle Membership includes:

-The Monthly Masterclass - a video broadcast report by mizChartreuse based on the themes of the season, with all members invited to participate and share in the chat

-4 Lifework Assignments per month (with practical exercises + journaling prompts for each week)

-Cosmic Tea/astrological weather report posts on how to work with the energy of the season to support what you are up to in life

-Fun challenges to express yourself creatively and expand beyond your comfort zone

-For 24/7 support, members can share any time in the private Facebook group for Inner Circle members only - we are creating a safe, sacred and FUN intimate community of divine reflection and ONEness.

-A private coupon code for an automatic, permanent 50% discount for booking a Venus Talk Relationship Transformation consultation, or a Cosmic Tea astrology reading session with me!



For Inner Circle Premium Members:

-Premium Members of the Inner Circle automatically receive everything above PLUS two Venus Talks 1-on-1 private recorded Relationship Transformation coaching sessions with mizChartreuse per month (about anything you want to talk about), a $500 value - on special now for $222.

All live video broadcasts will remain in the group for revisitation at any time.

Promises of participation:

-Freedom from what has stopped you in the past.

-Authenticity and self-value when relating with others.

-The ability to take action and express yourself, no matter how you feel, or who/what you’re dealing with.

-Tangible transformational results in your world with your communicative relationship to all of life.

mizChartreuse The Venus Academy Inner Circle