Inner Circle Registration

Inner Circle Registration

from 33.00

Welcome to your life + The Venus Academy Inner Circle with mizChartreuse!

The Inner Circle monthly enrollment is on sale for $33 - only $8.25/week to get your entire life!

Would you like coaching with that?

Become a Premium Inner Circle Member for
one month, on sale now for $222, and receive two 1-on-1 consultation phone sessions with mizChartreuse.

(One Venus Talks consult is $249 - this option is worth $553 for a savings of $331!).

As the founding members of this iteration of The Venus Academy Inner Circle Membership Program, if you join now you will lock in $33/month as your rate for all of 2019!



The fine print:
Tuition is non-refundable.

Any video broadcasts will remain in the group.

If you are a Premium Member with biweekly coaching calls, you will be expected to complete and PRACTICE the Lifework Assignments. They’re fun!


How you are in one area of life is how you are everywhere.

By committing to the structure I’ve created, you are committing to your life in a brand new way: the Inner Circle becomes THE structure through which may fulfill on any and all areas of your life - career, love, family, communication…whatever you want IS possible.

My life is proof that you can transform any dysfunctional relationship dynamic, and I’m here to stand for and share all the tools I use with you.

Let’s create miracles!

After registration payment is received, you will receive email confirmation of your purchase.

You will be emailed a PDF of your first Lifework Assignment, and a link to join the secret Inner Circle Facebook Group where you can participate in the conversation and access all the files.

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