Mastermind Registration

Mastermind Registration

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Welcome to your life + the 11th Haus Collective Miracles Mastermind with mizChartreuse!

Saturn will be in Capricorn through 2020 and requires we do the work.
Structure creates freedom!

The 11th Haus Mastermind monthly enrollment investment is $1100 - with a special Option B offer for founding members:

Option A: 4 weekly payments = $275 per week.

Option B: One monthly payment = $747 per month (save $353!).

As the founding members of the 11th Haus Collective Miracles Mastermind, I am extending (for this month only) the Option B discounted monthly payment and will lock this in as your rate for LIFE!

This savings of $353 per month offers you more than 1 week free!


Masterminds are small by design so that I can be fully dedicated to the growth of each woman, rather than losing the intimacy in a larger crowd of hundreds of voices. It is extremely important to me to make sure that you are seen and heard as we go through this journey: that you feel seen and heard. This is how we transform.

Like the houses on the zodiac wheel, each month’s curriculum builds upon the lessons prior.

11 women is the maximum number of spaces available, so secure your place quickly!

11th Haus Collective Miracle Mastermind members receive:

-The Monthly Live Mastermind Circle Up Livestream with the month’s curriculum

-2 Venus Talks ($500)

-1 Cosmic Tea ($250)

-1 Mirror of Venus: Reflections on Love + Miracles ‘zine ($11)

-4 Lifework Assignments ($97)

-1 astrology/cosmic weather video report ($150)

-1 podcast audio with guided meditation + A Course in Miracles lesson ($150)

-1 high-profile guest expert live Q+A special Masterclassroom evening ($300)

-Access to the Private Facebook group

-24/7 email/communication access - I’m on call for Mastermind Members only!

-Accountability + structures to fulfill on YOUR life goals

-A safe, sacred and FUN intimate community

Over a $1450 value (plus the priceless community value), for half the cost!


The fine print:
You will be expected to attend live as much as possible.
You will be expected to complete and PRACTICE the Lifework Assignments. They’re fun!
Turning your video on during Zoom circles + masterclasses is desired, but not required.
Courses will be recorded for playback if you are not able to attend live.
Tuition is non-refundable.

If you elect for the weekly payment plan of $275, you are committing to the full month cycle. Invoices 2, 3 & 4 will be emailed directly.


How you are in one area of life is how you are everywhere.

By committing to the structure I’ve created, you are committing to your life in a brand new way: the Miracles Mastermind becomes THE structure through which you fulfill on any and all other areas of your life - career, love, family, communication…whatever you want IS possible.

My life is proof, and I’m here to stand for and share all the tools I use with you.

Let’s create miracles!

After registration payment is received, I will invite you to the secret 11th Haus Collective Facebook group where you can access the first Lifework Assignment worksheet. If you are not on Facebook, let me know and I will email it to you directly!

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