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all relationships are assignments.
welcome to the Life Style Master Class of LOVE.

Venus represents Divine LOVE as reflected in our beauty, value, femininity and our receptive yin function.

BEing is our power.

The Venus Academy is an empowering place for futuristic femmes to activate their magnetism, embody their self-expression, and transform all their relationships to create a life of Truth beyond

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Love yourself first, act in alignment with your commitments, + transform all your relationships in
The Venus Academy.

Curriculum Continuum:
chart your own course

Time to hit the books! Discover your cosmic yoniverse, integrate the shadows, and learn how to keep all relationships holy. Instant PDF downloads + paperback print publications written and illustrated by yours truly.

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Venus Talks consultations:
transform your love + life style

Bring your heavens here to earth. In this one-on-one discovery session, we start by looking at your Venusian love function + make it practical as we apply it to your relationships on the court of your life.

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11th Haus collective Mastermind:
join the inner circle of femme miracle workers

Ready to #levelup? I’m your cheerleader, and we rise together. Apply to join the 11th Haus collective for high-level coaching, keys to miracle mastery, and sisterhood reflection in this transformational + intimate Mastermind of only 11 women. Begins January 2019.

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from the laptop lounge of mizChartreuse

Relationships are assignments, and are all reflective of the One we have with our Highest Self. Receive the holy Word from Char’s latest Gemini #WallsOfText here.


Life consists entirely of relationships. You cause how every connection and experience appears. Love arises through powerful communication.  

— mizChartreuse, HeadMIZtress of The Venus Academy

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reflections on Love & Miracles

In this hand-illustrated ‘zine written by mizChartreuse, learn about the illusion of specialness in romantic partnerships, the purpose of true Love, and how to keep all relationships holy from A Course in Miracles context.

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meet your headMIZtress

From print to the web, Char’s work has appeared at, AOL, Yahoo, HuffPost, AstroStyle, Astrology University, Numerologist, Sharpe Astrology and more.