Golden Angel Hair Crystal Trinity grid - II

Golden Angel Hair Crystal Trinity grid - II


Rutilated quartz, tourmalinated quartz, and a super-charged clear quartz crystal point.

This trinity set of quartz variety crystals is a perfect grid for meditation; a talismanic reminder of the perfection already within us.

As I shared in the AstroStyle Capture Your Cosmic Power in 2019 webinar, golden angel hair rutilated quartz crystal is one of the gemstones aligned with the universal energy of 2019, a 3 year in numerology. Also known as “Venus’ hair stone,” this crystal —sprinkled with the heavenly dust of angels—symbolizes unity and transformation, the side effects of an elevated consciousness that links you with the divine.


Tourmalinated quartz couples the all-chakras-everything healing of clear quartz crystal with bars of black tourmaline sprinkled throughout to add a sweet sense of security to the already uplifting stone. This resonates with the vibration of discipline, protection, and forgiveness.


Meditation Benefits (from

Rutilated Quartz
”A major energy amplifier, Rutilated Quartz rocks at deep-cleaning your spirit. A common stone to include in healing grids, enhance your therapeutic session by placing small pieces on the crown and heart chakras.

As you feel the stone anchoring you to the earth, allow its ethereal energy to flood the system and balance all chakra centers. When meditating with the crystal, imagine its celestial essence infusing your being with its pure white light of healing vibrations.

Make sure that your spiritual core is working in harmony with your mind by meditating with tourmalinated quartz. Its properties include the grounding and deflection of negative energy, found in Tourmaline, as well as the clarity and energy amplification qualities of Clear Quartz. It is a powerful energy tool to help balance your yin and yang energies. One of the most powerful aspects of the Tourmalinated Quartz meaning is its purification and cleansing of all the “bad vibes.” This stone allows you to feel in sync with yourself, instead of feeling like the negative energy you’re harboring is holding you back.”

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