How to kill your false identity and become a miracle worker.

How to kill your false identity and become a miracle worker.

Today is the new moon eclipse in regal Leo! Eclipses herald rebirth, so I invite you to kill yourself.

The ego, that is.

Kill your concepts of identity.
The names you have.
The grandiose self-descriptions you ascribe.
The precious problems you coddle.
The stories you tell about wholly neutral events.

It doesn’t have to be a violent death. In fact, you “kill” the false ego identity by loving the part of you that needed it.

Forget the symbolic archetypes of your Quality of consciousness (i.e Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon, Leo Rising with a yod) if they occur as limiting your BEing in any way. 

Erase the illusion that there is anything good or bad; right or wrong about you. Dismiss the mad idea of separation. Eliminate the delusion that anything you see MEANS anything. 

Humans are meaning-making machines, but: it all just is.

You just ARE.

Divinity. Inherently. I Am. 

Other than that, you need only define yourself in simple, mundane, broad terms such as friend, partner, student, creator. I refer to myself as Lover because that’s all we are here to be, indiscriminately.

Stop cutting people off. How can you? Relationships are forever. All who meet will meet again until the relationship becomes holy. To get off the karmic round: get over yourself, get off your act, and forgive. ANY justification to the contrary is the sword by which you die.

Be unreasonable (let go of your reasons), and see the innocence in every. Body.

Love people for who they are and who they are not. Forget the idea of changing another. Why? So they can act the way YOU want?

You can heal the dynamic between you and anyone in an instant - even THAT person - when you transform your Self. 

You can acknowledge someone without agreeing with them. Listen from nothing.

Release that which you think you want. Emptiness magnetizes abundance far beyond any littleness you could try to manifest.

Leave a clean and open space within your mind. BE the power of BEing, which is but pure acceptance. 

There is no problem. 

Nothing to get, nowhere to go, no goal to reach.

Shift your relationship to life itself: this is the miracle.

You are as you are created: an expression of the divine, indistinguishable from the ONEness.

Happy remix.


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